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Leval Yimmot Netzach (Let It Never Fall) – לבל ימוט נצח (A New Melody)

I have composed a new melody for a song that can be sung at the beginning of the Passover seder to describe what is about to happen. Or, you might want to sing it at the end to describe what exactly happened. In any event, it is a description of the order of the Passover seder, but in rhyme!

Check out this sheet music for “Leval Yimmot Netzach.”

Check out the “Leval Yimmot Netzach” text.

Check out this recording of “Leval Yimmot Netzach.

See if you can memorize it before the Seder begins tonight!*

*But only if you have really nothing else to do and/or have discovered a kabbalistic meaning to this song such that the cosmos depends on your memorizing this before the Seder begins tonight.



New Melody for an Old Passover Ditty with female characters!

Here is the sheet music, here are the words with commentary, and here is a recording!

I have not yet seen it sung at a Passover seder, but thanks go out to R’ Hillel Hayyim Lavery-Yisraeli for having pointed out this piyyut to me.

One fun way to do this is to assign each person at the Seder one of the following characters, and they each sing their own lines, but everybody can sing the last line of each stanza:












Happy Passover!

Ki Lo Na’eh – כי לו נאה – For to God it is Fitting: A New Translation, Transliteration, Commentary, and Melody for an Old Poem

Here is the commentary!

Here is the sheet music for voice!

Here is the sheet music for voice with optional keyboard accompaniment!

Here is a sound recording of the new melody!