Journal Pieces

Raysh Weiss and Jonah Rank, “NiSh’ma Response on Yetzer Ha’ra,” Sh’ma Now: A Journal of Jewish Sensibilities, V. 47, No. 722, December 2016, p. 2.

“Playing the Shofar in De-monic: Rashi on the Diabolus in Musica, Journal of Synagogue Music, 41:2, Fall 2016 (Cantors Assembly: Fairlawn, OH), pp. 54-61.

“‘My Father, The Rabbi:’ Images of the Pre-Gaonic Rabbinate’s Paternal Authority,” Conservative Judaism, 66:1, Fall 2014 (Rabbinical Assembly, NY: pp. 107-131).

“The Fashion Statements of Tefillin and Tzitzit: Symbols of Jewish Identity, Expression, Consciousness and Action,” Amud: Columbia/Barnard Undergraduate Journal of Torah, Vol. 1, Issue 1 (January 2011), pp. 11-23.

“Bringing the Soul Back to the Body of Conservative Judaism: A History of Symptoms, and Some Working Prescriptions,” in ShefaJournal 5770:1: HaNefesh v’HaGuf: The Relationship Between Conservative Judaism and the Conservative Movement (edited by Nina S. Kretzmer; 2010). Reprinted in A Manifesto for the Future: The ShefaNetwork Archive: Conservative/Masorti Judaism Dreaming from Within (edited by Rabbi Menachem Creditor, published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2013), pp. 370-377.


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