Rabbi Jonah Rank, ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in May 2015, serves Kehilat HaNahar in New Hope, PA, as the Director of its Shul School. Previously, Rank served Congregation Shaar Shalom in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as the community’s Maskil (“teacher of tradition”), where Rabbi Rank’s spouse, Rabbi Dr. Raysh Weiss, served as the community’s rabbi. Rabbi Rank is a teacher, researcher and writer (with a full list of publications listed here). With Rabbi Rank’s Jewish music recognized by The Forward‘s “Soundtrack of Our Spirit,” Jonah Rank (when not acting as a rabbi per se) also composes, records and performs in a variety of musical genres on a variety of musical instruments. Rabbi Rank served as the secretary for Mahzor Lev Shalem (New York, NY: Rabbinical Assembly 2010) and Siddur Lev Shalem (New York, NY: Rabbinical Assembly 2015) and the Managing Editor of Zeramim: An Online Journal for Applied Jewish Thought from the fall of 2016 until the fall of 2019. Aside from all the above, Jonah enjoys reading and spending time with family.

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