New music up and on its way…

With my new recording studio set up, I am happy to be making new recordings again of which I’m proud. The two recent recordings I’ve made that are most relevant to the post are of piyyutim (פיוטים, “liturgical poems”) to which I’ve set music. Their words are by an anonymous Jewish poet from some time in the early Middle Ages; Ezra Fleischer (עזרא פליישר) collected these texts in his book Pizmoney Ha’Anonymus (פזמוני האנונימוס). Each of these piyyutim were intended to be sung for the Torah readings throughout the year (and likely–the years–as the division of the piyyutim in Fleischer’s book indicates that the author was probably used to the Torah reading not taking one year, but several years). I’ve matched the two short excerpts for which I’ve composed music in accordance with as presented below (and you can click also for text and sheet music):

Parashat Naso (פרשת נשא): “Yitbarekh Elohey Olam” (יתברך אלהי עולם) recording | sheet music | text.

Parashat Nitzavim (פרשת נצבים): “Attem Nitzavim” (״אתם נצבים״) recording | sheet music | text.



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