Dorff-Nevins-Reisner & Tucker condensed: highlights from a few CJLS responsa on homosexuality from 2006

This is a .pdf file that is a selection of what I deemed some of the most crucial (and accessible) parts of Rabbis Dorff’s, Nevins’ and Reisner’s, and Tucker’s teshuvot on which the Committee on Jewish Law & Standards of the Rabbinical Assembly voted on December 6, 2006. I used this 10-page packet (double-sided, so it was only 5 pages) today–reading selectively from it–at Shaar Shalom in Halifax at an event where a few members of our community whose Jewish lives have been impacted by their LGBTQ identity spoke about their Jewish LGBTQ autobiographies. After hearing individuals’ narratives, we then studied these two responsa. We had about 50 people or so, and the program was a success in my estimation! I hope that if you want to use this resource that this will come in handy.


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