JTS Purim Se’udah 5775 Roundup (Part 1 of 5-ish)

Sincere thanks go out to Student Life for assembling this year’s Purim Se’udah, and major props to Chaya Bender for fantastically and awesomely co-chairing the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Purim Se’udah with me this year.

More evidence of this year’s Se’udah will be coming soon to the internet, but for the meantime, the text of A Prayer For the State of Our Library Purim 5775 and Eyn Tenu’atenu and the following 5 films!

1. Children Reacting to Wissenschaft des Judentums 
A film by Jonah Rank. Starring Jonah Rank, Nava Simring (child of Mia Simring and Jimmy Taber), Danya Tabick (child of Roni and Shoshi Tabick), and Zach Sitkin. Camerawork by Ezra Burke, Amram Altzman, Jimmy Taber, Mia Simring, and Yoni Nadiv.

2. Who By Fire? Who By Water? A JTS Library Commercial
A film by Jonah Rank.

3. PSA: Speaking With Kids About The Sheva Na
A film by Jonah Rank, with great assistance from Prof. Benjamin D. Sommer.

4. If Men Rabbis Were Spoken To The Way Women Rabbis Are Spoken To
Written by (alphabetically, and not in order of percentage of contribution): Chaya Bender, Jonah Rank, and Dr. Raysh Weiss. Edited by Jonah Rank. Starring Katie Greenberg, Rory Katz, Bronwen Mullin, Jonah Rank and Dr. Raysh Weiss.

5. Where Have All The First Years Gone?
By Warner Ferratier. With assistance of the following: editor Jonah Rank; actors Zohar Atkins, Margie Cella, Warner Ferratier, Jeremy Fineberg, Aliza Goldman, Shayna Golkow, Daniel Graber, Rav Dr. Yehudit Hauptman, Sam Hollander, Rory Katz, Leora Kling Perkins, Sharyn Perlman, Jama Purser, Rav Dr. Mordy Schwartz, Lauren Tuchman. Special thanks to Irina Gritsevsky and Rafi Spitzer.

Until the next time, happy Shushan Purim!


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