A Letter To Whoever Stole My Wallet

Dear Whoever Stole My Wallet In This Foreign Country,

I figured that this must be the end for me: no driver’s license, no medical insurance, no credit cards, no debit cards, none of that $300+ that was in my wallet when you took it.

I was at my apartment when I noticed the absence of that which you snatched from me.

The first thing I did was give up my dinner plans. I was supposed to bring some wine. Not tonight.

I retraced my steps to see if maybe I dropped it. Still, no wallet.

I called some friends I had spoken to earlier in the day. They offered me food for the night.

After we ate, I prayed a messianic hope: that all people in need of food will get the food they require. I didn’t pray that because I believed it is possible. I prayed that because I wished it were possible.

My friends asked how they could help me. Could they lend me money? Could they give me food?

My family called from overseas. They canceled my cards and ordered new ones. Those are gradually on their way over here.

I have enough food for the next few days, and, though I have no money, I have a roof over my head.

But most importantly, I have loving and caring family and friends.

Honestly, aside from you, all of the strangers I’ve met here have been very friendly. But, that’s not fair for me to say.

I didn’t meet you.

Maybe you are homeless. With $300 you can probably buy 100 decent sandwiches. Maybe you’ll give one good meal to 100 starving children here.

But, then again, what can you do with my driver’s license and my health insurance card? I mean, really.

It’s tough for me to judge anyone, and perhaps this too is a messianic prayer: I pray that whatever you’re doing with my wallet is far greater than anything I could have done with it. I hope that you are feeding the hungry, paying an expensive yet necessary medical bill, rescuing animals, or doing some other fantastic thing. But, for this, I pray because I believe it is possible.

You can take my cards, you can take my license, and you can take my cash. But you’re not much of a thief.

You can take all of those things away from me, but you can never take away optimism, you can never take away prayer, and you can never take away the love and care of friends and family.

Maybe you made me broke. But you did not break me.

I still stand with the strong support of countless people in my life whose concern for me remind me on a daily basis how very rich I am just to be alive.

With much love for good people in a wonderful universe,

Jonah Rank

P.S. My name is my Gmail address. Let me know if you want to return my wallet yet.


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