Highlights from Purim 2011 / 5771 at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America

I helped with organizing Purim festivities this year for JTS. Here are some things we featured:

A bit of introductory music from Yakov Hadash and Sarah Myerson, featuring Lee Epstein, Adi Segal, Frani Goodman, Mary Blahovec, and more:
A fireside radio announcement from the Etmol Coalition:
A New Vision for the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
An El Malei Rahamim (Memorial Prayer) for injured pita (written by Yakov Hadash)
A documentary:
The Conservative Movement: Interviews About Our Past, Our Present, and Our Future
A rejected JTS Theme Song: from and by Sam Zerin
Rabbi Micah Libron’s Big Decision
“Gemara,” with words by Yakov Hadash and Jonah Rank
“Don’t Fear the Ritba,” written by Benjamin Ricciardi
Rehov Shushan: by Yael Buechler
A few select ads: the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, Joseph Soloveitchik’s Halakhic Man: Turn On the Shtark, March of the Living Penguins
A communal singing of Yedid Zeresh (adapted material)
A Purim Kiddush
(borrowed material)


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